Ear 2 Paper™

Ear 2 Paper™

The ultimate program for young musicians who want to unlock their ability to take what they hear, play it by ear, and get it on paper in 30 days or less!

A four-week online program

Saturdays on April 10, 17, 21, and May 1

NEW Dates! April 24, May 1, May 15, May 22

10 am. - 12 p.m. Pacific (1-3 p.m. Eastern)

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To any parent of a music student, I applaud you!

If you’re one of many parents without a musical background (like my mom and dad), I know it can be humbling to support your student without being able to tutor them.

And even if you are musically-trained, perhaps your child’s instrument is out of your skillset. (Or, maybe you’d rather not have to double as their private teacher!)

In either case, as your student advances, it can seem increasingly challenging to help them:

  • know whether the music they are practicing “sounds right”
  • figure out their favorite tunes by ear, especially if the sheet music is not available
  • be able to articulate their original musical ideas
  • keep up with the demands of learning more and more repertoire in shorter time frames

Private lessons can help with these issues, but they won’t solve everything.

Your child needs to be equipped with the tools to become a more independent musician.

Even if they have amazing teachers around them and plenty of individual support, the reality is, if they want to go far in music, they will need to learn to be their own judge.

Which starts with having a good ear.

The characteristics of a good musician can be summarized as follows:

1. A well-trained ear.

2. A well-trained intelligence.

3. A well-trained heart.

4. A well-trained hand.

All four must develop together, in constant equilibrium.

As soon as one lags behind or rushes ahead, there is something wrong. So far most of you have met only the requirement of the fourth point: the training of your fingers has left the rest far behind. You would have achieved the same results more quickly and easily, however, if your training in the other three had kept pace.

- Zoltán Kodály,

Hungarian composer & pedagogue

Let me assure you, the roadblocks that you are facing with your child are not your fault!

Traditionally, both classroom music programs and private lessons tend to be very performance-focused. 

Kids learn how to play their instrument and read music. They are assessed by how well they perform, and if your child is in a very competitive program, these festivals and competitions can consume quite a bit of the curriculum during the school year.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

In fact, if your child is performing regularly, they are probably getting a very healthy music education.

But how much more confident would your child feel if they could be empowered to:

  • take their learning into their own hands?
  • play music that is purely a treat for them (and not just an assignment) because they can essentially teach themselves?
  • learn new music more quickly because they can apply their understanding of how music works? 

Sakari is an amazing instructor! She is very knowledgeable, but also patient and kind. She instills confidence in young musicians. She makes learning fun! Would highly recommend her!

— Terri G., parent of 5th grade violin student

Introducing . . .

Ear 2 Paper ™ 

The ultimate program for young musicians who want to unlock their ability to take what they hear, play it by ear, and get it on paper in 30 days or less!

And I promise, it will be downright fun! All while equipping your child with the tools that they need to be the self-driven and highly creative artist that they are.

Through interactive projects, your child will learn to better articulate what they hear and become a more analytical thinker.

They will develop a foundation to better evaluate themselves as musicians and express their own creative impulses.

[Sakari] has a passion for teaching and makes even the most mundane of exercises fun and educational.

— Jordan C., adult violin student

Sign up before March 25th and save! 

“Early bird” pricing is $198 per student with the coupon code "EARLYBIRD." After that, tuition goes up to $228.

Looking for even more savings?

Be one of the first 3 students to enroll, and you’ll receive a bonus one-on-one lesson with Sakari to be scheduled anytime between April 10 and May 1.

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Hi, I’m Sakari.

In addition to living my dream as a freelance composer and violist, I’ve also had the privilege of teaching hundreds of K-12 students over the last decade in one-on-one and group settings. 

With every new teaching opportunity, I eagerly embrace the challenge of tailoring a curriculum that is “just right” -- one that meets students where they are currently but also pushes them to reach new heights in pursuit of their individual goals.

Like many music students, I got my start in elementary school. 

I signed up to learn the violin as soon as I had the chance, but my parents weren’t able to afford private lessons until I was in the middle of high school.

It wasn’t long before I decided that music was what I wanted to do for a profession, so I took advantage of every opportunity to soak up whatever instruction I could get from the many directors and school teachers who supported me.

Thanks to an assignment in my orchestra class in the 6th grade, I became obsessed with writing my own music, and I quickly realized that the more I got a grasp of music theory -- the inner-workings of music  -- the more I would have the freedom to write what I wanted.

Little did I know, learning music theory and developing a strong ear would begin to unlock my ability to master music in more ways than one.

In spite of not having private lessons for many years, I was increasingly able to better evaluate myself as a performer and be a more competitive musician, even earning a spot as concertmistress in some of the regional honor orchestras at the time.

My ability to learn independently multiplied the impact of the mentorship that I did have access to. I didn’t have to wait for someone to hold my hand through every little thing -- like learning how to read music for a new instrument, the viola, when I had only been taking lessons on the violin.

Once I began to understand how music works, it made my life so much easier.

And when I went to college to study music, I didn’t have the same culture shock that I witnessed from a good handful of my peers.

Because of my upbringing, I have a passion for enriching young students with a well-rounded music education as early as possible.

Sakari is a gifted teacher of course, sensitive to what she hears and sees in her students and responding to them so that they can grow in their skills and musicianship

— Anna Ancheta, Executive Director of MUSICA! (El Sistema USA)

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So, what’s it like in the program?

Over the course of four weeks, your child will develop a strong foundation for real-world musicianship.

Through interactive projects, they will learn to identify and notate the sounds that they hear, strengthening their ability to read and understand music.

Students will be given weekly assignments to provide opportunity for individual feedback.

The time commitment will average three hours per week -- two hours in the workshop plus one hour of independent work.

By the end of the program, your student will transcribe an original melody, giving them the tools they need to create their own music or learn their favorite tunes by ear.

Get the best value if you sign up by March 25th! 

“Early bird” pricing is $198 per student with the coupon code "EARLYBIRD." After that, tuition goes up to $228.

Looking for even more savings?

Be one of the first 3 students to enroll, and you’ll receive a bonus one-on-one lesson with Sakari to be scheduled anytime between April 10 and May 1.

Your child may be a perfect fit if they:

  • are an instrumentalist between the ages 10-18
  • have at least 1 year of experience studying music
  • are drawn to problem-solving through exploration
  • are a "go-getter," whether or not they want to pursue a career as a performer

Give them just what they need to excel in their passion for music!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the investment for the program?

Ear 2 Paper is $228 per student. However, you can use the coupon “EARLYBIRD” to save $30 if you enroll before March 25th.

The first 3 students to enroll will receive a bonus one-on-one lesson with Sakari to be scheduled anytime between April 24 and May 22.

More importantly, this investment will empower your child to better evaluate themselves as a musician.

A strong foundation in ear training will better equip your child for a wide variety of musical pursuits, whether or not they choose to be a performer.

And once they realize how many options are open to them, chances are, they will have a whole lot more fun making the most of their musical passions! 

What are the class sizes?

In order to make sure that your student has access to plenty of support, classes will hold a maximum of 12 students.

When will classes be scheduled?

Students will have 2-hour workshops on Zoom on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Pacific Time (1-3 p.m. Eastern Time).

Classes are held on April 24, May 1, May 15, May 22.

What technology is required?

Chances are, you have everything that you already need at your fingertips!

But if you would like to be sure, here is what your child will need to have the best experience:

  • a computer or tablet with a built-in camera and microphone
  • a minimum internet speed of 3.0 Mbps
  • the Zoom video conferencing app on their device (download it for free at www.Zoom.us/download )
  • exclusive access to their devices during class. (If more than one child will be attending, each will need their own device.)
  • a printer is recommended, but not required 

Does my student need to be able to read music?

Your child should have a basic knowledge of reading on a musical staff (i.e. reading notes in treble, alto, and/or bass clef). This includes guitarists, who may be used to reading tablature or lead sheets.

They should be able to identify basic rhythms, name the pitches that they see, and perform sheet music using their own instrument.

Can I enroll more than one child?

Absolutely! However, if you are enrolling more than one child, please submit an application for each individual. The full tuition fee will be due for each child in attendance.

Also, please keep in mind that each child will need their own device. Because Zoom is bandwidth-intensive, you may need higher internet speeds to accommodate several participants in your home. Additionally, each child will need quiet, separate spaces from which they participate. 

Does my child need their instrument?

Students will need to have their primary instrument in their possession for the entire workshop.

If your child normally borrows an instrument from school, but they do not have access to it during the workshop, please consider renting an instrument from your local music store. 

Is my child required to take private lessons for their instrument/voice?

Though regular private lessons are ideal for any committed young musician, it is not mandatory for students to take private lessons while they are enrolled in Ear 2 Paper. 

What happens if my child misses a day?

Classes will be recorded and made available to all participants via a private streaming link. Therefore, if your student would like to review or catch up on content, they can watch a video replay of the sessions.

However, your child will get the greatest benefit from the program if they are in attendance for all four sessions. All classes will involve student participation so that they can get the most out of the learning experience.

Please reconsider your application if you plan on being unavailable for more than one class day. Additionally, students who plan to miss the first or last session (April 10 or May 1) are not encouraged to apply.

Can my child really learn music online?

Of course! Online music lessons can be extremely effective even though they may feel very different from in-person lessons since the teacher is not in the same physical space.

After years of experience as both a teacher and a student in online music lessons and other courses, I can truly say that modern technology such as Zoom allows us to have an uninhibited learning experience.

In fact, I've found that students in my online music classes often become even more self-driven than if they were doing the same lessons in-person -- they quickly learn that it is imperative for them to take responsibility for their own materials and learning environment in order to have as efficient of a lesson as possible.

If your child is new to online music lessons, don't worry! As long as they have access to their instrument and the technology listed above, they will have plenty of support in learning how to adjust to the virtual format.

What are the benefits of being in a group program? Can’t my child get this from private lessons?

Perhaps. One of the main advantages of group instruction is that students can really benefit from observing the feedback given to other students. 

Since the classes are small enough where each student can have a voice in discussions, your child will benefit from the inquiries of others much faster than if they were limited to moving at the pace of their individual questioning and curiosity. 

Plus, the activities in this course will be highly interactive, giving students plenty of opportunities to collaborate and learn from their peers -- an invaluable skill for any musician who wants to go far in their craft!

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Still on the fence?

Here's the thing-

A lot of parents I’ve worked with have told me about the struggles that they have with their young student, especially when it comes to getting them to practice.

As an experienced teacher, I can easily tell when those practice issues are a result of your kid not being interested or dedicated.

Believe me -- it’s like pulling teeth! I know how you feel!

But on the other hand, there are many students who are highly interested -- they just don’t know what to do.

They avoid practice because they are frustrated. And it can be painful if you don’t know how to help them.

Trust me, I’ve learned it the hard way. (I was that kid!)

Practice is not just playing your music over and over again, hoping it will get better.

It’s learning to use your ears and be deliberate about what you are hearing and how you will make it better.

So you have to have those good ears to begin with!

Give your child the foundation that they need to take charge of their musical journey.

In just four weeks, this investment in your child’s musical education will empower them to:

  • learn new music by ear
  • evaluate their own performances
  • articulate their original musical ideas
  • utilize their knowledge to learn new music more efficiently

And just so you know-

I want to make sure that your child gets plenty of attention and support, so I am limiting the program to 12 spots only.

Ready to make an investment in your child’s future?

Don’t hesitate to claim your spot today!

Looking forward,